Creative Services

Our core expertise is creative front-end design, branding and usability. Powerful software is only as good as it's interface. In fact, from our very first project working with eBay, we practiced the ethos of make it easy and make it beautiful a full decade before the User Experience became a preeminent tech industry focus.

Web Development

Our focus is 100% web and mobile application development. We leave PR, Ad Buys, SEO and Social Media Campaigns to other expert teams. We dedicate our focus to building secure and easy to use web applications including e-commerce, consumer services, SaaS, B2B exchanges, Intranets and Extranets.

iOS & Android

We are passionate about making software that's easily accessible to millions of people regardless of location and device. Well designed iOS and Android apps can be more useful and productive than traditional desktop applications. We offer mobile application prototyping, interface design, engineering and quality assurance.

  • KKR Financial
  • Triber
  • RoxioNow
  • HP Presto
  • Kraus Motor Co.
  • Knowhow Movies
Crew member
Ethan Allen
Creative Director & Co-founder
Crew member
Josh Woodlander
UX Designer & Co-founder
Crew member
Nash Weber
Sr. Software Engineer
About Ethan

Ethan Allen has over twenty years’ experience working as creative director and user experience designer launching products and services for companies such as: Best Buy, Toys”R”Us, eBay,, Netscape, Nielsen NetRatings, and Hewlett-Packard. Ethan loves weaving brand experience, design and visual concept in the multi-screen world.

Skills / Expertise:
Creative Direction
User Interface Design
UX Design
Mobile Design
Project Management
Scrum and Agile

About Josh

Josh Woodlander has 18 years experience in web application development. Performed Senior UX Design Engineering and Strategic Branding for over 100 startup projects including Snapfish,, eBay, Yodlee, Nielsen/NetRatings, Clickability and SunEdison. Josh has experience managing all front-end components of large scale web and mobile application development for multi-million member websites including coordination of technical and creative teams, production of wireframes and technical specifications.

Skills / Expertise:
User Interface Design (UX)
Information Architecture
Customer Research
Product Development
Web Applications
Mobile Applications

About Nash

Mobile software developer with focus on both server and client-side iOS development. Over ten years experience in database and web development. Communicates effectively in both technical and non-technical environments, often bridging any communication gaps. Experience as development team-lead with focus on application architecture and strong communication with other teams.

Skills / Expertise:
iPhone, iPad, iOS
JavaScript, Java
Web Development

"We're really happy with you as partners - you've got a great attitude, you turn on a dime, and you hit all the deadlines (and more!). You've consistently carried the Snapfish brand, look and feel, and made the site feel warm and friendly without overdoing it. I also like the architecture we've settled on - I think it's the best out there."
- Rajil Kapoor, President & CEO Snapfish Corporation
  • Rovi

    Rovi Entertainment Store


    Designed white-label presentation layer for digital media storefront.

    View details
  • Nearcast


    Best Buy

    Branded and designed the user experience for digital media storefront platform.

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  • ToysRUs

    Toys"R"Us Movies


    Branding and UX design for web, mobile and desktop premium movie service applications.

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  • Hewlett-Packard

    HP Presto Printing Mailbox


    Designed and developed the Presto website and HP printer packaging.

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  • Ebay

    Ebay Site Launch 1997


    Created the user interface for company's first redesign.

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  • Nearcast

    Triber BLE Social App


    Performed branding and specialty UX design for Bluetooth LE social and gaming application.

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  • RoxioNow

    RoxioNow Priemum Movie Service

    Sonic Solutions

    Branding and UX design for the RoxioNow premium video storefront service.

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  • Snapfish

    Snapfish Photo Service


    Performed information architecture and user experience design for the highly acclaimed photo printing and sharing website.

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  • Online Dating

    Executed first redesign of site; played an instrumental role in transitioning the 300,000 member site to 1.2 million clients.

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  • SuiteAmerica

    SuiteAmerica Mobile Reservations App


    Created mobile application for SuiteAmerica to make reservations, booking and check-ins.

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Usability Audits

Examine and test existing applications and provide recommendations to increase sales, click-throughs, user engagement and retention.

Wireframing and Prototyping

Convert engineering and business requirements into actionable wireframes and prototyping to expedite product development.

Strategic Branding and Identity

Work with in-house marketing teams to extend existing consumer brand into web and mobile applications. Help startups create brand guidelines and visual identity.

HTML5/CSS3 and JavaScript

Help in-house engineering teams implement client side UX solutions for multiple device types via responsive HTML / CSS mark-up & JavaScript.

Database Architecture and Security

Provide high level security, database, SaaS and API driven application development for companies that need additional engineering resources or without in-house engineering teams.

iOS and Android

Prototype and design task focused mobile application interface. Engineering and quality assurance for iOS and Android.


    "Best performance I have seen ever from a design firm. Your team has played a vital role in helping us achieve our time to market goals."

    - Bala Parthasarathy, VP Engineering & Co-founder Snapfish Corporation

    "The site looks great! We've seen an immediate increase in membership with the new design. We're getting more first time visitors trying our Free Trial"

    - Helen Schweitzer, Executive Producer
  • Nielsen//NetRatings

    "The new interface architecture for My Nielsen//Netratings is fantastic. The new design will help position us as the premiere provider of audience measurement information."

    - Dana Parker, Director Product Marketing

    Nielsen//NetRatings, Inc.
  • Best Buy
  • HP
  • Snapfish
  • ToysRUs
  • Nielsen
  • New York Times
  • Ebay
  • Universal Studios
  • SGI
  • Oreilly
  • KKR Financial
  • Lions Gate Films
  • Creative Labs
  • Netscape

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